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Devayani Comes Out In Support Of Financier Anbu Chezhian; Calls Him A ‘Gentleman’

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Actress Devayani, who was rumoured to have been harassed in the past by film financier Anbu Chezhian, has now declared in a video clip – sent to us by a PRO – that Anbu Chezhian has always been respectful in his interactions with her.


Framed against a shrine depicting portraits of various gods, Devayani explains that along with her husband, she had obtained financial help from Anbu for Kadhaludan, a 2003 movie directed by her husband Rajakumaran, in which she had co-starred with actor Murali. “I met him only while handing over the first copy; he had sent us money even without us meeting him. We wrapped up the movie in time, and paid him back, too,” she says, adding, “but whenever we met, he has always been a gentleman, and was very sweet. He respects us and we respect him, too. I recently visited him as part of our campaign for Producer Council elections.”

Even while filming, he had never come to the shooting spot, the actress declares in the video. “He never interfered in our business. In fact, he had wanted us to recommend a dermatologist for his daughter’s skin complaint. Devayani wouldn’t transact with someone who doesn’t respect her.”


A voice in the video – we have since come to know that it belongs to a regional television channel reporter – then wonders if the actress would seek Anbu out again if she were making a new movie. Devayani doesn’t reply in the affirmative. “I don’t know,” she says, “I cannot talk about that right now. To do that, we need a story and actors’ call sheets; my husband must be wiling to direct,” she laughs, “I cannot predict the future.” A source confirmed to Silverscreen that this video clip was part of an interview that happened earlier today.

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, Sundar C, in an audio clip that started circulating this afternoon, was heard saying, “For the last eight years, Anbu annan [brother] has been financing my projects. I am surprised at the news floating around that he has tried to acquire property etc; he is financing my Kalakalappu 2 too. I have never turned over a blank cheque leaves and other documents to him, nor has he asked for them. In fact, if there is ever a delay in paying my interests, I’d call him and he’d say ‘send when you can’. He also has never demanded distribution rights for my films. I have never had a bitter experience with him. He has always been flexible; someone whom I can call even in the middle of the night for financial assistance.” Silverscreen could not independently verify this.