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Dhanush Is My Son: Kasthuri Raja

Kasthuri Raja has been put in a unique, and awkward, position of asserting his parentage. Addressing rumours that he was not the biological father of actor Dhanush, Kasthuri Raja told Silverscreen, “I’ve heard of this news recently. I feel uncomfortable that I have been forced to be in this position. I have been in the spotlight for three decades. During much of the time, the public and the media have become privy to my personal life. The senior among the media today know my sons very well. Dhanush too.”


Dhanush has been summoned to appear before the Melur court in a case relating to his parentage. A couple, Kathiresan and Meenakshi, have made a petition to the court in which they’ve alleged that Dhanush is their son. In their petition, they said that Dhanush ran away from home when he was a teenager, and began to work for Kasthuri Raja in Chennai. When they attempted to see Dhanush in Chennai, they were blocked by Kasthuri Raja.

The couple has asked to be re-united with their son.

Kasthuri Raja has dismissed their claims. He also commented: “I think the Government and the court’s time is better used for useful things.”

A spokesperson for Dhanush refused to comment on the matter, as it was in Court.