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Dhanush Paternity Case: Actor Accused Of Submitting Fake Documents

Actor Dhanush has been accused of filing fake documents in court in relation with his paternity case. Kathiresan and Meenakshi, the couple who claim that Dhanush is their son, filed a complaint against the actor with the Ko Pudur Police Station in Madurai recently. Meeting reporters outside, Kathiresan alleged that the actor had filed fake birth certificate and education certificates during the hearing of the paternity case.

“I will continue to fight this case till a favourable resolution is found. The documents I submitted to court that support my paternity claim is original. All the documents submitted by Dhanush’s side are fake. This is a clear case of fraud, and I urge the police and other authorities to take action on the case immediately,” Kathiresan said.


This is not the first time the couple have accused Dhanush of submitting fake documents. During the proceedings of the paternity case earlier this year, the couple claimed that the birth certificate submitted by Dhanush was fake.

Kathiresan also said that he would not rest till Dhanush acknowledges him and his wife as his true parents.

A spokesperson for the actor refused to comment on the latest developments.