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Director Priyadarshan’s Next Is A Segment In A Netflix Anthology

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Director Priyadarshan is one of the four directors who are working on an anthology for Netflix. The segment will have actor Pooja Kumar, who was last seen in Viswaroopam 2, in the lead role.

A spokesperson for the director confirmed this news. “Netflix has assembled four filmmakers with different perspectives on cinema, to direct an anthology. For his part, Priyadarshan has put together a fresh team comprising mostly new actors, led by Pooja Kumar.”

In the film, Pooja Kumar plays a married woman who rethinks her place in society after a sudden job opportunity comes her way. Her decision to accept the job does not go down well with her middle-class family, and she leaves her family behind to pursue her dreams.

“The film deals with the idea that men have not been able to adapt to the changes in the society. Earlier, women were relegated to the kitchen, but now, they are everywhere. The internet opened myriad opportunities for women, and there is nothing they can’t do. This is kind of hard for men to grasp. The film deals with one such woman and a man.”

A source close to the director’s team said that some portions of the film were shot in Puducherry earlier this month. Titled The Invisible Mask, the anthology is likely to have a direct release on Netflix. Priyadarshan’s Sila Samayangalil, a film on AIDS awareness, starring Prakash Raj and Ashok Selvan, too had a direct Netflix release.


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