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Director Sumanth: Saw Film Lovers Came Forward To Fund Sadhuram 2

Sadhuram 2 Movie Stills

Sadhuram 2, directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan is gearing up for release. The film, which is inspired by Hollywood film Saw, has been dubbed ‘a philanthropic thriller’. Speaking to Silverscreen, Sumanth explained the reason behind this tag line: “Most thrillers that we have seen in Tamil have the revenge theme to it. Avenging the sister being raped, or the father getting killed and so on. But there is no revenge angle to the film. The film is an inspiration of the film Saw. The film did not get a release in India, but everyone sees and thinks of it as a slasher film, filled with gore and violence. But there was a beautiful concept underlying the film – that of “appreciate the life you have”. Same way, the protagonist in my film is denied of the peaceful life he wishes for. Whereas, the people around him do not know the value of the life they live. So he puts them under situations that when they come out of it, they reform their lives. My protagonist maybe a psychopath, but he is a philanthropist, trying to get rid of the ills in the society”

On Tuesday, James Wan, who directed Saw, tweeted about the film, leaving the team of Sadhuram 2 delighted.

Naturally, Sumanth was delighted. “Do you even need to ask, I felt anxious at first! I am very inspired by James Wan, and for my poster to catch his eye, and for him to have shared it, We are very happy,” says Sumanth.

Sadhuram 2 is a crowdfunded film produced by 35 individuals. A majority of these investors are Saw fans, Sumanth tells us. “I couldn’t find producers, and whoever agreed to fund the film, wanted known faces in it. But if I had renown artistes in the film, their image will leave it open to the audience to judge the character or guess the screenplay, leaving no suspense in the film. Moreover no one really understood the cult following of Saw. When I started connecting to people on the internet, I found many Saw lovers who came forward to fund the film.”

Though the film is essentially a sequel – the first part of the film has not been completed yet, Sadhuram 2 will have an ambiguous beginning and ending. The film faced censorship issues with the CBFC who first awarded it an A certificates with many cuts. Later the revising committee awarded the film a U/A with minimal cuts.

Sadhuram 2 has Yog Japee, Kaushik, Riaz, Suja Varunee and Sanam Shetty in important roles. The film releases in theaters on 16th of September.