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Director Vijay Confirms Split With Amala Paul; Accuses Media Of Spreading Rumours

Director Vijay has confirmed his separation from Amala Paul. In a press release, Vijay expressed anguish at media reports that relied on ‘random assumptions and false information,’ and asked the media to respect his privacy.

Several media outlets had reported last week that the couple decided to split because Vijay was unhappy that Amala continued to act in movies after their marriage. Vijay claimed that the accusations of gender bias stemming from these reports had hurt his ‘professional and personal integrity.’

“The portrayal of women in my films with dignity and self respect, reflects the amount of respect I have towards them. I strongly advocate women and their freedom of choice. When Amala wanted to continue her career in films, I supported her to the best of my ability. And she continued acting even after marriage. The new found accusations that me or my family were stopping her from work is completely untrue.”

Vijay’s statements accusing the media of speculative reporting glossed over the fact that most of the reports originated after a television channel interviewed his father. In the interview, AL Alagappan suggested that Amala Paul was to blame for the split. “That girl continued to act after marriage. She never listened to anyone, not even her own family,” Alagappan had said.

Vijay, though, blamed the media for ‘forcing’ his father to make those comments. He added that he was saddened that it was being taken as the “sole source of all speculation and debate.”


He also seemed to suggest that the real reason behind the split was a breach of trust. “The base for any marital relationship is honesty and trust,when that is breached the very existence of committed relationship becomes meaningless. I really value the institution of marriage and relationship a lot. Not even In my worst dreams, did I think it will end. But yes, today I don’t have any choice. With lots of pain in my heart, I have decided to move on in life in a dignified manner,” Vijay added.

Amala Paul is yet to comment on the issue.