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Directors’ Council Gen-Sec RV Udayakumar Asks Leading Actors To Help Films Facing Release Issues

Director RV Udayakumar, general secretary of the Tamil Film Directors’ Association, has asked leading actors in the Tamil film industry to help release the 450 odd movies that are are yet to hit screens due to various reasons.


Speaking at the Thandagan audio launch in Chennai, Udayakumar, who has made Yejaman, Chinna Goundar and other hit films in the 90s, said that the increase in the number of films awaiting release is the biggest problem plaguing the industry today. He said, “Actors earning between Rs 50-100 crores per film must be the ones to intervene and help clear release issues. They cannot be concerned only about their films and their collections. Each of these films awaiting release is worth ₹2 crore. It’s not healthy for the industry when one team sees success, and others don’t even get a chance to release their films.”

He did not speak about the kind of regulations that have to be brought in however, and also called for better management of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and South Indian Artistes’ Association or Nadigar Sangam. “Most members in these councils are not clear about what their responsibilities are,” he said, adding, “I believe we should bring other important changes as well. Actors must be paid only 10 percent of their salary before a film’s release and the remaining amount must be settled from the film’s collection. Also, 20 percent of the profits must go to the producer, 10 percent to the actors, 10 percent to the crew, and the remaining amount to the others involved. This should become a steady pattern so the industry remains a healthy space for everyone.”


He also urged the Tamil Nadu government to intervene in release regulations and asked theatre owners to make all transactions digital so that their films’ earnings are transparent and this data is accessible to all.

Udayakumar was elected general secretary of the Directors’ Union in the elections held in July. He is part of the team headed by director RK Selvamani, and KS Ravikumar, Ravi Maria, Perarasu and others are currently the office bearers of the association.

Image Courtesy: Alchetron.com