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‘Draupathi’ Trailer Called Out For Misogyny And Casteism


The trailer of Rishi Richard starrer Draupathi is out now and has caused a stir. The film helmed by Mohan G (Pazhaya Vannarapettai) has been crowdfunded with the help of GM Film Corporation. The film also stars actors Sheela, Karunas, Nishanth, Soundarya, Lena, Seshu, Aaru Bala, Jeeva Ravi, Ilango, Gopinath, Subramani and other newcomers.

The film deals with several factors like caste (although it appears from the trailer that it seems to be making a case for caste and not against it), love, and the pride people tend to hold for land. The trailer is all over the place, makes little sense while taking itself very seriously, because it is filled with veiled insults. It has also been called out for misogyny.

Director Mohan G took to Twitter to release the trailer.

The director has also been called out for retweeting a pro caste pride message on his social media.

The film will reportedly hit screens on February 28.

Watch the trailer here:

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