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Ee.Ma.Yau Second Trailer: Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Signature Style Lends Life To The Characters

The second trailer of Kerala State Award-winning movie Ee.Ma.Yau is trending on YouTube and other social media platforms. The film won the State Award in three categories, including one for its  director Lijo Jose Pellissery. It is scheduled for a May 4 theatrical release.


The first minute of the trailer establishes the place and lifestyle of the characters in the film, using candid shots and hand-held camera movements. You know the film is about people from coastal Kerala who make a living through fishing.

Then enter the characters of Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod Jose and Dileesh Pothen (who plays a priest). The director has said on many occasions that the movie’s plot deals with the idea of celebrating death, and that death is a recurring motif in the film. His films feature indigenous sounds, and this one is no different.

Another attraction of the movie is that it stars Pauly Valsan, who won the Kerala State Award for Best Supporting Actress. Written by PF Mathews, the film is produced by director Aashiq Abu under the banner of OPM Cinemas, which also  distributes the movie.