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Entering Politics Requires Strategy, Not Just Courage, Says Rajini

Meeting fans at Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam this morning, Superstar Rajinikanth, who was expected to talk about his entry in politics, declared that he would make an announcement about his decision on December 31. “Politics is not new to me,” he said to his fans assembled from five districts across Tamil Nadu, “I hesitate only because I know what politics would entail.”


Rajini, clad in whites, then seemed to channel those verbal punches that he would throw on screen. “அரசியலுக்கு வர வீரம் மட்டும் போதாது, வியூகமும் வேண்டும் [Entering politics requires strategy, not just courage],” he said to general applause. Clarifying his earlier statements that by “போர் [war]”, he meant politics, Rajini added that to survive in the field, one also needs discipline and restraint.

The Superstar then implored his fans not to heed the negative remarks and commentary about his entry on social and other media.

The actor, meanwhile, is said to be conducting talks with several politicians between filming 2.0 and Kaala. Rangaraj Pandey, Editor-in-Chief of Thanthi TV, declared in a video clip that the actor is not meeting top-tier politicians, but party workers who are out and about on the field.


South Chennai Congress district secretary, Karate Thiagarajan, whom Rajini is said to have met, revealed in an interview with Thanthi TV that the actor will start a new party. “This is the information that I’d received from his close circle. Rajini has always said, ‘en vazhi thani vazhi‘; so it will definitely be a new party. He will focus on the minorities and will announce it a few months before the assembly elections. We’ll know his political alliances only after he arrives.”

Political commentator Ravindram Duraisamy, who was formerly with the PMK, told the channel: “Rajini will not try to participate in the local body elections; he will announce his party only ahead of the assembly elections.”