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‘Evanum Buddhanillai’ Tells the Story of Betrayal, Sibling Love, and Animal-Human Conflict

Directed by S Vijyasekaran, Evanum Buddhanillai is an action thriller starring Nabi Nandhi, Sarath, Swasika, and Niharikka in the lead.


Produced by V Cinema Global Networks on a huge budget, the film will also feature Poonam Kaur and lyricist Snehan in extended cameos. It also stars Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Sangili Murugan, MS Bhaskar, Singamuthu, Kaadhal Saravanan and others.

Stating that the film will have popular, mainstream appeal, the director said that the core of the film is about sibling love and the need to stand up to evil.

A motion poster of the film was released recently. Talking about the film at the event, director Vijayasekaran said, “Nobody in the world can live like Buddha. Every single person would have betrayed someone or other in their life. This is how the world is and that is what I have filmed.”

“Animals do not hunt others of their own species. Whereas, it is only humans who hunt the other humans for their own selfish reasons and ego. The story here is about innocent youngster who resides in the hills, who realizes this and takes a stand against this evil, with the help of his friend.”


The director said that animal-human conflict in hills and forests are an important aspect of the film. He said, “They say that humans living in or around forests cause harm to the wildlife, but it does not always work that way. The people who live there have a responsibility to care for wildlife, and if they do they have a right to live there.”

Speaking about the politics behind the scenario, director says “We have thrown light on political game played on the lives of those people. It has been filmed in the hills near Munar.”

The film has music composed by Maria Manohar, cinematography by Raja C Sekar and editing by Suresh Urs. The story is written by ST Sureshkumar, with lyrics by Snehan.