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“Everything Looks Like A Dream Come True”, Director Ashwath Marimuthu On Oh My Kadavule

Oh My Kadavule, the Ashok SelvanRitika Singh starrer, is all set for its Valentine’s Day release. The cast and crew of the film met with the press recently to talk about their experiences on working on this film.


The leading man of the film, Ashok Selvan, was all praise for his producers and director he said, “It’s an emotional moment for me to see the entire family here today. Everyone present here has supported this project from day one.”

About his director, Ashwath, he was quite effusive in his praise, “Ashwath and I have known each other for 9 years now. This film marks a new chapter in our friendship. My sister, Abhinaya and Dilli Babu sir gave their full trust, and I hope the audiences will walk out of the theatres with a smile.”

Speaking of her comeback to Tamil films, Rithika Singh said, “I am acting in a Tamil film after a long time and it’s a special movie for me. I am sure that everyone involved with this film will go places with this film in their resume.”

The other leading lady in the film, Vani Bhojan said, “From all of my films releasing in 2020, I wanted this film to release first. I wish everyone involved in this project that it turns into a super success.”

Director Ashwath Marimuthu said, “Everything looks like a dream come true. Ashok Selvan is a true friend. He was there for me when I was making short films, and now I am happy that I was able to make a film that is worth his talent.”

He added, “I am sure that this film will propel him forward. Even the actresses in the film have been wonderful to get to know. There were some misunderstandings with Dilli Babu sir and I, but we are well past that now. I owe my sister Abhinaya a lot for trusting this script and green-lighting this project.”


Speaking to the friction between the two, Dilli Babu, Axess Film Factory said, “After the initial hiccup, I am now a big fan of Ashwath. PVP Cinemas has already confirmed to us that they are remaking the film in Telugu, just by watching the trailer. Ashwath will be directing it. I also want to announce that I will work on a film with him in 2021, if he is available.”

Producer Abhinaya Selvam, Happy High Pictures said, “I thank Dilli Babu sir for paving an easy path for us to get this film made. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a game changer everyone involved.”

Sakthivelan, Sakthi Film Factory said, “The film has got very positive responses from everyone who has watched the trailer. I think this film will do well, and I really hope that we can all come together and make another film, I will happily invest!”

Watch the Trailer of Oh My Kadavule here: