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Fans On Twitter Are Recreating Black Panther With Actors From The 90s

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been a fan favourite. The Russo Brothers, who directed Avengers: Infinity War, recently applauded Marvel fans for their low-budget trailer resembling the shots and scenes from the original.

While the excitement for the new and final Avengers movie is building, people on Twitter went on a spree discussing casting options for the characters of Black Panther movie with actors from the 90s.

It started with one tweet saying that 90s actor Michaal Jai White, who starred in Black Dynamite, would make make a good M’Baku. And soon it became a thread.

Will Smith and Denzel Washington were popular choices for T’Challa which was originally played by Chadwick Boseman in the film. Smith from his 90s hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, had appeared in the Prince get up next to DJ Jazzy Jeff aka Jazz.

Some argued that late Rapper Tupac is apt for the character of Killmonger, the role played by Micheal J Jordan.

Black Panther movie has crossed a milestone surpassing Jurassic Park in the US and Disney superhit Frozen globally.