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Farhan Akhtar To Make Music Album With Former Madonna Producer James Sanger

Farhan Akhtar has begun work on an independent English album. Akhtar told the Hindustan Times that he would be collaborating with legendary music producer James Sanger. Akhtar said, “I’m collaborating with James Sanger, a France-based British producer who’s currently in India and working closely with me on the four songs about personal experiences which we have shortlisted for the EP (Extended Play).”

In Sanger’s 25 year long career, he has worked with music icons like Phil Collins and Madonna, among others. The programmer and music producer is also credited with over 60 million record sales worldwide. He is the recipient of 3 Brit Awards, 18 Grammy Awards, and 2 Ivor Novello awards since 2001.


Interestingly, Farhan Akhtar’s singing skills were recently criticised by fans and critics. The actor’s played an aging rock star in the musical Rock On 2, as the lead member of a band. His singing fetched him mainly negative reviews, so much so that Rock On 2 director Shaujit Saudagar had to step in and defend Akhtar, saying Akhtar had never claimed to be an extraordinary singer.

In light of this, Akhtar’s plans to release an independent album seems to suggest that bad singing notwithstanding, the music industry makes room.