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Film Industry Reacts To Silverscreen India’s MeToo Story

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On Friday, Silverscreen India published a long-form article comprising the accounts of women who accused poet-lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual harassment. The article dwelled upon his sordid modus operandi and how he still continues to be revered by the industry despite those in authoritative positions knowing of this’open secrets’ for years.


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Reactions have been pouring in from the industry for the piece.

In one part of our article, singer Chinmayi had mentioned that she had called a friend of hers from the industry when she was threatened by the lyricist to sing a prayer song for an event. While the name was kept under wraps in the article, the friend in question, director CS Amudhan, known for his parody films Tamizh Padam and Tamizh Padam 2, put out a tweet on Twitter divulging that he was the friend and added that the lyricist had to be called out for his behaviour.

While Madhan Karky, who’s mentioned in the piece, put out a tweet saying he’s never spoken ill of his father, actor-director Karthik Kumar, posted a long message on supporting these women, while acknowledging the truth behind their accusations. Here are some of the top reactions from the industry.

Karthik Kumar said, “#Vairamuthu is your favourite lyricist / poet. #Vairamuthu is a Predator. #Vairamuthu is talented. #Vairamuthu is powerful.  All these statements are equally authentic. One doesn’t cancel out the other. They are all equally true. Many people in the industry know the allegations against him are authentic and have no doubt that there is great truth in every accusers narrative. They all resist corroborating the same because of ‘fear’ and ‘why would i bring harm upon myself for something that is not my issue’… This isnt very different from being the silent people, because the problem isnt affecting you. Justice will not be pronounced on this case by a Grand judicial body – don’t wait for that to happen to form your opinion on it… If you still believe all this cannot be TRUE at all, then it only goes to show how unmovable you are on holding onto your earlier truth… which itself was only based on perception anyway considering #Vairamuthu himself is for most of us – only a silver screen image. The Film Industry is very very encouraging of the habits of the likes of #Vairamuthu and there are many many many #Vairamuthus out there… the Film Industry will condemn this only if it benefits it to condemn it… so far no benefit can be seen by them to condemn it… and hence they havent! But that doesnt mean that they DENY its existence or it having happened… they just dont ‘publicly condemn’ it yet. Off the record – everyone knows it and wonders ‘why am i to bell the cat’… Unfortunately the only ones who are belling the Cat are those who have been scratched by it… All those who havent been scratched by it- are merely quiet coz they know the cat can scratch… not because they think the cat is harmless. But YOU – who hasnt worked with #Vairamuthu or the many like him… have SURELY experienced many like him – YOU should not be QUIET. YOU have nothing to lose in supporting those who are Belling the Cat. DONT be QUIET(sic).”

Lakshmi Ramachandran, TN Joint Coordinator, INC-Shakti State Gen Secy, TN Mahila Congress, said in a tweet, “Speak up against predators like him so that our daughters don’t have to suffer people like him in any field.”