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Film Journalists React To Producers’ Council Limits on Coverage

The Tamil Film Media Federation, a group representing several Tamil journalists who cover films and film-related events, has released a strongly worded statement condemning the decision of the Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council and FEFSI to limit the number of outlets invited to cover movie-related events.


The details are pretty murky at this point, but it is believed that FEFSI and the Producers’ Council want to limit the number of media organisations authorized to cover events to under 40. There has been no official word yet on who the authorized outlets are, although sources tell Silverscreen that the number of online-only media houses on the list is expected to be smaller than it is now.

The journalists’ statement – strongly worded and sometimes colorful (“Without media, movies will turn into iruttu sandhil virkappadum karuppu mai”) – accused the Producers’ Council of unfairly targeting internet-only media organisations, and called for a boycott of all film related functions and events for a month.