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Film Organisations To Hold Hunger Strike Against QUBE, UFO

Tamil film producers council, Tamil Nadu Film Directors Association, South Indian Artiste Association and
Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI), on Friday at a press meet, said that they would hold a one-day hunger strike against QUBE and UFO.

Producer council president Kalaipuli S Thanu alleged that QUBE and UFO were charging a huge amount from the producers to pay service tax. “However, it is unclear whether they are actually paying it. They charge a massive amount for telecasting our movies and trailers, but they don’t share the profits with the producers”, he said.

“QUBE advertisement gets recognition because of our movies and trailers. But they are trying to establish a dictatorship rule in this industry”, alleged Kalaipuli S Thanu and director Vikraman.


QUBE is installed in most of the theatres. The Producer Council tried to hold a discussion regarding this issue with QUBE many times. But reportedly, they didn’t get a proper reply from the company.

The protest was supposed to happen on Friday, but it got postponed as the associations didn’t get permission from the government due to time and space constraints. “We are working on the permission part with the government and we will soon hold a protest with the support of the entire cine industry. No shooting will happen on that day,” he said.