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Filmmaker Vipul Shah, Producer Shailendra Singh Fight Over ‘Singh Is Kiing’ Title

Filmmaker Vipul A Shah has reportedly refused to part ways with the title of his 2008 film with Akshay Kumar – Singh Is Kinng. Producer Shailendra Singh, who intends on making a sequel to the film with Ranveer Singh in the lead, tells Mid-Day how Shah, who faced a similar situation a few weeks ago, isn’t giving him the title.


I created the franchise — the concept of the movie and the title was owned by me. I gifted it to Akshay, who, in turn, gave it to Vipul Shah. They have even thanked me for the title in the credit roll. I have been begging Vipul to return it to me, but he hasn’t relented. Yesterday, I sent him a text saying, ‘It’s been more than nine years and it’s obvious that you are not making Singh Is Kinng 2. So why not give the title back gracefully? Be a gentleman!

The producer now has a “sexier title than Singh Is Kiing“. “My priority is to work with Ranveer Singh. He is a lethal combination of Salman Khan and Johnny Depp. The film will be a heist drama. As soon as the script is ready, we’ll give him a narration,” he says.


In July, Vipul Shah was forced to change the title of his film to Namastey Canada, after Akshay Kumar denied the team Intellectual Property (IP) rights to use the title Namastey London. The film stars Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra. The film is a sequel to Kumar’s Namastey London

The filmmaker had plans to shoot the entire film in the UK and hence wanted to title it Namastey London. Now that the they have failed to get the rights for the title, the team plans to shift the shoot location from the UK to Canada.


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