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Fresh Trouble For Anjali

Actress Anjali is facing more legal trouble from director Kalanjiyam. The Angadi Theru actress virtually disappeared from Tamil films after a feud with her step-mother and director Kalanjiyam (her mentor of sorts). But the actress recently released an official statement through her spokesperson declaring that she is ‘problem-free’ and will get back to work. However, this comeback of hers seems to be on hold now after all.


Director Kalanjiyam has now  filed a complaint with the Tamil Film Director’s Union about Anjali’s failure to finish shooting for his movie, Oor Suttri Puranam. In his complaint, the actor-director also alleged that he had suffered heavy losses due to Anjali’s irrational behaviour.  The president of the union, director Vikraman, has asked the actress to respond to Kalanjiyam’s accusations, following which a decision will be made by the members of the panel. Sources tell us that the actress will be asked to finish Oor Suttri Puranam before signing on other movies.