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‘Big Boss’ Saturday Recap: Kamal Haasan Talks To Contestants

Kamal Haasan, who anchors Big Boss, interacted with the contestants for the first time on Saturday, since the launch of the show.

In response to Juliana, who often declares that she is the only commoner in the house, Kamal said, “We all are commoners first, celebrities next. We all have faced struggles in our life. I learnt most of my life lessons not during my heyday, I understood life when I sat at home for 10 years when I didn’t get work in films.”


Kamal Haasan also called out Kanja Karuppu’s violent act in the house when Bharani told Anuya to seek Karuppu’s help to clean the house. Kamal said, “You (Karuppu) went to the extent of hitting Bharani with the fire extinguisher, which is very dangerous. Whatever he did to you, raising your hand on him is just not right.”

Kamal was all praise for Namitha for imparting lessons in bathroom cleaning to her housemates. The actor said: “I am very proud of you, Namitha. Many shy away from such things, but you taught the housemates about the most important lesson that everyone should know, and it is definitely the first lesson in any hygiene chapter.”