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Gana Bala To Stay Away From The Industry, Make Way For Other Gaana Singers

Famous lyricist and gaana singer Gana Bala has announced that his singing career in movies was, in large part, over. Speaking at the Manjal press meet, he said, “I had a feeling that it is time to stay away from my singing and acting career. My decision will pave the way for more gaana singers to come out of their shell.” The singer said that he had acted in 75 films and sung in over 300 films.


However, Gana Bala also said that he wasn’t quitting completely, and that he would take up offers if there was a compelling reason. He said he had introduced several gaana singers to directors, in order to popularise the genre, and he was happy with how well they had done.

Gana Bala also said that the lyrics in gaana songs are quite easy to understand and never degrade women. On the contrary, according to him, his lyrics encourage people to concentrate on their work in spite of romantic failures.