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Gangai Amaren Hits Out At Sasikala

Music Director Gangai Amaren at Mirchi Music Awards 2013 - Grand Jury Meet Event

Gangai Amaren has hit back at Sasikala, the General Secretary of AIADMK. Expressing outrage at the ‘overt manipulation’ employed by Sasikala to become the TN CM, Gangai Amaren told Silverscreen:

“I have seen firsthand the underhanded tricks and manipulation they (Sasikala and her family) use to get what they want. Earlier, when Puratchi Thalaivi  Amma was around, they did all this using her name. Now, they are doing it out in the open. It is disgusting to see the democratic Government being used like this. The power is not with the people. That’s an issue no one seems to be protesting about.”

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The music director had earlier revealed that he had been forced to sell his Payyanur farmhouse to Sasikala and her relative. “This happened to a renowned music composer like me. Imagine the plight of common people when Sasikala comes to power.”

Gangai Amaren said that with Sasikala’s complete approval, unchecked corruption was happening in TN. “Everything is available for a price. Tamizhthaai must be crying right now.”

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