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Gatham: Amazon Prime Video Releases Trailer of Telugu Thriller

Amazon Prime Video released the trailer of the upcoming Telugu film Gatham on Twitter on Friday. The film will stream on the streaming platform from November 6.

The trailer opening is set against the backdrop of a case regarding a missing girl.

Set against the backdrop of Lake Tahoe, Gatham centres around a person who forgets his past after he wakes up from coma. The story follows his struggles to know about himself which leads him to unravel several unexpected and horrifying adventures.


Jointly produced by Offbeat Films and S Originals in association with Mango Mass Media, the psychological thriller is made by a group of young US-based students and IT professionals. The film is directed by Kiran Reddy and features Bhargava PoludasuRakesh Galebhe, Lakshmi Bharadwaj, and Poojitha Kuraparthi in lead roles.

As reported by The Hindu, the film is based on Reddy’s award-winning short film. Reddy has also won awards for his other short films-  A Winter to Remember and Where is Ayush?

Speaking about the film, the director said: “Filmmaking has always been my passion and I am keen to experiment and explore various formats. With Gatham, I wanted to take India’s art of storytelling to the next level and introduce something unique for audiences. Gatham revolves around a very interesting plot questioning ‘what if life restarts?”

The self-taught director had earlier told The Hindu: “Directors Harish Shankar and Merlapaka Gandhi who were in the US saw the film and said the content had scope and we could develop it into a full length film and that’s how Gatham took shape. It’s a psychological thriller. A person who forgot his past wakes up from coma and struggles to know about himself. His girlfriend is the only one who has information about him. He wants to meet his parents and they set out on a journey. The car breaks down and this is when a third person offers help. What happens there after is a spine chilling journey, with twists and turns.”

The film’s music is scored by Sri Charan Pakala, who also composed music for Evaru and GoodachariThe cinematography is handled by Manojh Reddy who previously worked in Aswathama.

Actor Adivi Sesh released the film’s trailer on February 24.