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“Why Get Offended Over A Casual Comment?”: Vishal On Producer’s Council Suspension

Actor Vishal’s TFPC membership was temporarily revoked recently. The actor  convened an emergency press meet to address the issue and expressed his surprise at the council’s sudden decision.


Vishal revealed that he had not received official communication from the Council regarding his suspension. He was also surprised that his ‘casual comments’ resulted in such a big decision.

“I had casually commented that the council meetings happen over Bonda and Bajji. I do not see what is wrong with that. It is a legitimate food item, everyone consumes it. Why get offended over a casual comment?”

_mg_8403Vishal insisted that he did not have any personal issues with any office bearer of the producer’s council. “I am just upset that there was no discussion with me on this before sending out this letter.”

He questioned the council’s inability to handle constructive criticism. “I have always voiced my support for the welfare of all members of the film industry and i will always continue to do so. There is nothing wrong in raising questions against something wrong that is happening. Every Sangam is responsible to answer questions they are asked.”

He said that he will not file any defamation case against the Producer Council, and that he will seek legal guidance on the issue. He requested the Producer Council to let the elections in January take place in a democratic way. “I can definitely guarantee that there will be an opposition team to fight the elections. My suspension from the council will not be an issue.” he said.

When the actor addressed Producer Council Chairman Kalaipuli S Thanu as ‘Mr. Thanu’, he immediately stopped and said, “I am not sure if Mr. Thanu is a wrong term to use, so I will refer to him as Thanu Annan.”


He referred to the instance when Thanu expressed disappointment at a letter from Vishal that addressed him as Mr. Thanu.

When asked about the piracy issue, he replied, “My only concern and question is when piracy is so rampant, what are the measures taken to curb it? Whenever anybody comes across any piracy related issue, they tag or inform only me. But why? the Producer Council is the right authority to take measures on this.”