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Kit Harington Dubbed As Worst-Dressed: You Know Nothing, GQ!

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, is number one on the list of ‘Worst Dressed Men’ by GQ magazine. The actor, whom most women (and men) consider as one of the most good-looking actors on television, was criticised by the magazine for his sense of dressing.


To this, we say:

“You Know Nothing, GQ!”

Here are five reasons why GQ is wrong:

  1. Kit Harington’s casual sense of dressing is a hundred times better than what we even attempt to do! Timberlands, a casual grey sweater, and jeans. Plus, he gets extra points for taking time out selecting a hat and a belt. Not everybody has time for that.

2. Here, dressed in casuals again with his head down – obviously to avoid being recognised and mobbed by fans. But since his casual game is always on point, it’s hard to miss him even if you can’t see his face.

3. Here, he is at a BAFTA screening in September. He’s upped his casual game but hasn’t quite left the formals. And with those shoes, he’s going with a semi-formal, semi-casual look that screams far from being boring.

4. Have you seen any man with a beard pulling off flowers and a shiny blue suit without looking tacky?! Here he is posing for the Time magazine, in a look that would go down in history as ‘Kit Harington Blues Himself But Still Looks Mighty Classy’!

5. Here he is jazzing boring black suit with a shiny blazer and velvet loafers. We leave you with this picture, something that GQ clearly missed and would’ve most definitely taken back their criticisms of calling Harington as the ‘Worst Dressed’