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H Raja Calls Kamal Haasan ‘Spineless’; Kamal Refers To H Raja As ‘The Bone Specialist’

Kamal Haasan has been under attack from all quarters following his comments about corruption in the Tamil Nadu government.


BJP’s H Raja criticised Kamal and said that the actor was responsible for the degradation of Tamil culture in his capacity as the host of Bigg Boss Tamil.

He said, “Why should he criticise others when he himself is allegedly involved in hosting controversial and obscene shows like Bigg Boss, which is bound to destroy Tamil culture and tradition?”

Following this, TN Minister Jayakumar threw a challenge to Kamal, asking him to enter politics and govern the state, if he had such a poor opinion of the current government.

To this, Kamal tweeted a Tamil poem, which  can be interpreted to mean that the actor can become the CM if he wants to.

This statement clearly incensed H Raja, who told reporters:

“I heard that Kamal Haasan, on his Twitter page, has stated that if he decides, he will definitely become the Chief Minister. It is everybody’s right to dream. So, if Kamal dreams of becoming a Chief Minister, that is his right and I cannot question that.

Moreover, I have already said that anyone in India above the age of 18, is eligible to enter politics or even float his/her own party. So if Kamal decides to join politics, he can. But, the person who should rule this state needs to be brave and fearless.


Kamal Haasan is a spineless coward who has, in the past, said that he will run out of the country when there was a release issue with his film. What would happen to Tamil Nadu, if he becomes the Chief Minister of the state tomorrow? That is a big question mark to me. He says he will become Chief Minister, but I think whatever he does, people would never accept a spineless CM like him.”

Kamal Haasan, in his own unique way, had a witty rejoinder to H Raja. Through a press release, in which he asked the people of TN to send proof of corruption to the ministers, Kamal addressed H Raja as the ‘elumbu vallunar‘ (bone specialist).