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Hansal Mehta Terminates Apurva Asrani As ‘Simran’ Editor After Dispute Over Crediting Kangana Ranaut

Apurva Asrani terminated

Hansal Mehta has cut ties with Aligarh writer and editor Apurva Asrani. DNA reports that the two of them disagreed over the contribution Kangana Ranaut made to the film Simran. The feud intensified, and Mehta has now issued a formal notice of termination to Asrani, removing him as the film’s editor. 


Apurva received the notice on Tuesday. He said, “I got a termination letter. My editing services have been terminated citing a clause in the contract that allows them to do so without notice or reason. I am still trying to understand why he did this when the editing work is almost over.”

Apruva and Hansal have been frequent collaborators for 16 years. The duo worked on the award-winning Shahid, as well as the highly-acclaimed Aligarh. Simran, their latest project, began with Apurva as the writer-editor and Hansal as director.

However, Hansal Mehta publicly acknowledged Kangana as the co-writer. Apurva Asrani disagreed and said, “I am the story, screenplay and dialogue writer of Simran. Kangana has done a lovely job improvising some dialogues and has been credited for ‘Additional Dialogue’.”

“Right now, I am numbed. I’d like to talk to Hansal once before I say anything else. But he hasn’t taken my calls or answered my text messages after he gave that interview announcing Kangana as a co-writer on Simran. I spoke out in the press because by not speaking to me, Hansal gave me no other choice,” he added.


In a separate interview with Mumbai Mirror, Asrani said, “I think all partnerships reach a saturation point and it’s best to break away before the love turns sour. Hansal and I have stood together during very challenging times. But today, the challenges are fewer, the ambitions are greater and he is a name to reckon with. I have also found my voice as a storyteller, and it’s time to explore new collaborations.”