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Has Vijay TV Lodged Police Complaint Against ‘Bigg Boss’ Contestant Madhumitha?

Reports say Vijay TV has registered a complaint against actor and Bigg Boss contestant Madhumitha for allegedly breaching the contract by demanding her salary before the agreed date and threatening them with suicide attempt. However, Vijay TV has denied the reports as rumours and Madhumitha has also refuted the claims saying she has not been informed of the complaint yet.


According to reports, Vijay TV’s legal team filed a police complaint at the Guindy station today. A report by News 18 says that the complaint copy reads, “Actress Madhumitha, who participated in Bigg Boss Season 3 hosted by Vijay TV, was evicted at the end of 50 days because she attempted self-harm. Her wound was treated before she exited the show. While leaving, her salary for participating in the show was also paid. As per our agreement, she was given Rs 11.5 lakhs and was told that the pending amount of Rs 80,000 will be paid in the next 42 days.”

On 19th August, two days after she left, she allegedly contacted Tina, one of the coordinators of the show through a WhatsApp voice note and demanded the money. “She said that if the amount was not sent to her in the next two days, she would commit suicide,” the complaint reportedly read.

The spokesperson for Vijay TV told Silverscreen, “No such complaint has been filed. This is fake news.” According to sources, Madhumitha has maintained that she followed terms of the contract and did not claim any money, and her husband said they have not been informed of the police complaint yet.


Madhumitha had a difficult week in the Bigg Boss house last week, at the end of which she attempted self harm. She was pulled off the show with Bigg Boss saying that she violated rules. The episode was highly publicised and the channel was criticised for handling the incident insensitively.

Meanwhile, in the house, actress Vanitha Vijaykumar’s re-entry sparked discussion and controversy mainly among Abhirami, Kavin, Sandy, Tharshan and Mugen. In the following days, Abhirami was evicted, and this week, Sandy, Cheran, Kasthuri and Tharshan are in the danger zone.

Image Courtesy: IBTimes