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Regional Films To Carry Hindi Subtitles Or Be Dubbed

In a bid to eliminate language barriers, regional cinemas will now be subtitled or dubbed in Hindi, reports PTI News (printed in The Indian Express). According to a parliamentary panel recommendation, the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) would now have to either dub the films or carry Hindi subtitles. The Committee of Parliament on Official Language has also recommended that filmmakers submit their script in Hindi to the NFDC and make it available to all concerned.


Furthermore, the sub-rules on submission of applications for feature films include submission of six copies of the applicants’ script – in English and one in the language the film will be made in. The NFDC will also rework its sub-rules regarding film production, currently only covering regional films produced by NFDC.

For viewers who “could be linked to Hindi through good quality films”, the panel also recommended that the films being shown in festivals organised by the NFDC be dubbed or have subtitles in Hindi. The orders on the same, however, are yet to be made official. “We have not received any order till now. We are waiting for the order. Whenever the order comes, we will work accordingly,” an official from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Directorate of Film Festivals said.