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Hindu Makkal Katchi To Protest Against ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’


The Hindu Makkal Katchi hopes to stage a protest outside Vijay Television’s Chennai office later today to get the show Big Boss Tamil off air. Arjun Sampath, President of the right-wing fringe outfit, said that the reality show is a ‘blight’ on Tamil pride and culture.

“You allow 15 men and women to stay in the same house. This is a show that is watched by men, women and impressionable children. What sort of image and precedent are we setting here? It is a deliberate attempt to ignore, destroy Tamil culture. It is not good for the current situation. Without a strong leader at the helm, Tamil Nadu is already suffering. It is because of this lack of leadership, that such contaminating forces have been allowed to enter.”

He also asked young Tamil  men and women to join their protest, and show the might of the Tamil people.

Sampath also alleged that the TV network had made several attempts previously to make Bigg Boss in Tamil, but that the Government had not allowed it.

Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan, enjoys immense popularity on Twitter and Facebook for all the wrong reasons. A large section of people have slammed the show for the mindless entertainment it offers, but that has not impacted the show’s success.

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