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Hrithik Roshan’s Face Chosen as Third Most Handsome in The World


Hrithik Roshan, according to website, has the third most handsome face in the world. The actor seemed quite evidently delighted at his showing in this worldwide poll. “Well, handsome is as handsome does. I am honoured, of course. I told my sons to remember to always thank people for compliments. This is a compliment, not an achievement,” said Roshan.

Although, a visit to the site proved that the poll is not much of an honor as Hrithik thinks. The poll was conducted 4 months ago and it has taken this long for it to reach the Indian press, and Roshan himself. Clearly, a very credible, popular site.

Here’s a description given for the poll conducted. The criteria for choosing the winners include ‘nice face’, ‘good height’ ‘dressing style’. No real evidence of a ‘poll’ have been cited.

An excerpt of a poll to discover the most handsome face. Hrithik Roshan was voted third.

And here is the description given for why Hrithik has been chosen for this ‘honour’.


More exploring on the site showed Hrithik ranked fifth in the ‘Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the world‘ and fourth on “Top 10 Most Handsome Indian Man“.

An IANS scribe found this to be an ‘Incredible honour for the Indian film industry’, and asked Hrithik’s comments on the same, to which the Mohenjo Daro actor replied, “To be counted in the world’s top 10 of anything I guess gets eyeballs, so in that regard, yes. It’s good.”

That an obscure website runs a ‘poll’ is one thing. That an over-enthusiastic PR team hypes it up is another thing. But to take this hype at face value by journalists, without any fact checks, and be turned into ‘National News’ – that is the most impressive thing about this entire incident.

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