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Huma Qureshi Says Cow-Protecting Extremists Need Medical Help

Actress Huma Qureshi has said that people who resort to violence in the name of cow protection need medical help. The Jolly LLB 2 star was speaking at the trailer launch of the Indo-British film Partition 1947, as reported by the Indian Express. She said she was baffled to see people facing discrimination because of their food and life choices.


Huma said that there were only two reasons for why people would take such a rigid stand on such issues, “They have ulterior motives or they need medical help.” 

Recently, 15-year-old Junaid Khan was murdered by a group of people on a Mathura-bound train in Ballabhgarh while returning from Eid shopping. He was mocked for his skull cap and called a “beef-eater” before being killed.


Huma said that it was sad that these people hadn’t learned from the past, “We haven’t really learnt (from the past). It’s really sad, it’s baffling. I think people who talk like that need medical help, this is what my personal opinion is. I don’t think any God, religion, country, or the idea of nation should divide, it should unify. You should look at the unifying forces, like music, poetry, dance, culture and food. I’ve grown up in a more secular way. I was raised a Muslim but I’ve played Krishna in Janmashtami, in our school and colony skits. We used to celebrate Diwali and Eid with equal fun.”

“When you can be together and have the best of all the worlds, why would you choose to take such an extreme point of view and miss out on these beautiful experiences and lovely friends? I think people who take such an extreme point of view, have either ulterior motives, or need medical help,” she said.

Huma will be seen in a pivotal role in Rajinikanth’s next movie, Kaala