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Hyderabad Drug Racket: Unfair To Blame Whole Telugu Film Industry, Says Varun Tej

Telugu actor Varun Tej thinks there’s a “good side and a bad side” to every industry, but one must not blame the entire industry because of a “few bad apples”. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle on the topic of the recently busted drug racket in Hyderabad, the actor is confident that the industry will get past that.


“I don’t really know what’s going on, but I heard that many people are blaming the entire industry. This is definitely wrong as there is bad in every industry, not just here. I was heartbroken when I saw a ninth class girl messaging about this issue. While nothing has been officially proved yet, some people got notices for interrogation, so we will have to wait and see,” he said, adding that the personalities have become more conscious when interacting in public now.

“If you search online for an actor or an actress, the information shows up immediately, so we have to take care of ourselves. We can’t be a bad example and fortunately, all my friends in the industry are quite good. There is a bad side to every industry but here, even a little thing is highlighted in a big way, because it is the film industry and all of us are in the limelight, all the time.”

Earlier this month, a massive drug racket was busted in Hyderabad with a few personalities from the Telugu film industry associated with the case. Some of them include actors Ravi Teja, Puri Jagannadh, P Navdeep, Tarun Kumar, A Tanish, Charmme Kaur, and Mumaith Khan.


Meanwhile, Varun Tej will be seen opposite Sai Pallavi in Sekhar Kammula’s Fidaa, his fifth film as a lead actor. He plays an NRI doctor and shot for the film at real locations as opposed to a film set.

He is yet to reveal his next project as he believes that it’s enough to work on one project at a time. “When I did two projects simultaneously last time, I got injured and both films got delayed. I can’t blame anyone for it, so now I have decided to do one film after another,” he said.

Pic: The New Indian Express