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I am Grateful to KV Anand: Karthik

At the audio launch of Anegan, Karthik, who returns to acting with the flick, thanked KV Anand for bringing him back to cinema. Recounting how they met, Karthik said, “I was at a restaurant, writing a script. Anand’s assistant called me and said he would like to meet. When Anand came to my place, he was of the assumption that I wouldn’t consider acting in the film. I think, he even challenged his assistants that I wouldn’t agree. But you know what, he lost Rs 1,000.” Karthik, who was a little emotional, added, “I thought Tamil cinema had forgotten me. When nobody else came, KV Anand did. I am grateful to him.”


When KV Anand spoke, he revealed that he was not quite happy to rope in Karthik. “I was told that he would come very late to the shoot. I can’t work with an artiste who is not punctual. But my assistant Prathibha insisted. So I met Karthik and discussed the story. Now I can’t think of anybody else in his place.” Besides giving an outstanding performance, Karthik went the extra mile to slip into the role, Anand explained. “I would have described each scene in five or six papers. But at the shooting spot, Karthik would pull out 10 papers from his pocket. Each paper would have extensive details about the scene, emotions and overall performance. I was amazed.”

Talking about his experience of working with Karthik, Dhanush said, “He is the most charming actor I’ve ever met. It was so much to fun to work with him.” And Dhanush imitated Karthik on stage, as the latter burst into laughter.