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I Was Able To Narrate the Mahabharata For Over Two Hours Because Of A Healthy Body: Sivakumar

Sivakumar Education and Charitable Trust, founded by actor Sivakumar, has come a long way.


Addressing students on its 38th anniversary, the veteran actor said: “At the age of 74, I was able to narrate the Mahabharata in two hours 20 minutes. I researched for four years before the narration.  I was able to achieve this feat as I maintained a healthy body. My daily routine is – wake up by 4 am, yoga from 4.15 am to 5am, walk from 5 am to 6 am, and then sit down to read books. So, students, you have to maintain a healthy body and mind to achieve great heights in your studies.”

The foundation predominantly lends help to students of government schools in remote villages. Sivakumar said: “Don’t feel demotivated by family circumstances. Don’t feel inferior that you come from a poor family or that your  parents are not educated. Look at me. My father passed away when I was 10 months old. I grew up in a place where there was no electricity and other basic facilities. Nothing discouraged me to chase my dreams. So, stay focussed.”