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Kasthuri: “I Will Not Take Names, I Was Disappointed With the Way the Star Behaved”

In a series of tweets, Kasthuri takes a dig at a film star, and says she was disappointed with their behaviour. Going by the timing of the tweets, many assume that she could be talking about actress Kajol, who was in Chennai for the VIP 2 Press meet. 
Talking to Silverscreen, Kasthuri said, “I cannot take names but with the tweets you can assume whoever you want to. Imagination is all yours.”
Ask her what was so disappointing about the star, she says,”The way the star behaved, vetti bandha, I can say. I have seen so many cricket players patiently signing autograph for their fans. As I tweeted it is nice to be important but it is very important to be nice.”
Kasthuri adds, “Only we are giving such room to Bollywood stars to think that they are someone great. As we are seeing them in awe, they behave like this. Looks doesn’t matter, I was disappointed with the way the star behaved, so expressed my thoughts on Twitter. I just want to be myself on social media and being myself is very important to me.”