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Idumbankaari: Sshivada Nair & Ramya Pandian Starring Investigative Thriller Nearing Completion

Idumbankaari, the upcoming Tamil film starring actors Sshivada Nair and Ramya Pandian in the lead roles, is nearing wrap up with only a couple of weeks of shooting pending, the director of the film Arul Ajit told Silverscreen India.


It is produced by CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment and BT Arasakumar of BTK Films. In addition to producing, Kumar has also written the story.

Speaking about Idumbankaari, debutant filmmaker Arul said that while Nair plays the first lead and Ramya the second, there is no prominent male lead. “Both of them are seasoned artists. Sshivada has done both Tamil and Malayalam films and is more experienced. Ramya has also proved her mettle in Joker and a other few films. We chose them based on their acting strengths and suitability for the respective characters,” he added.

The cast includes TV anchor Gopinath of Neeya Naana fame, actor Anupama Kumar, and veteran filmmaker Velu Prabhakaran in prominent roles.

Idumbankaari went on floors March and the film’s first look was released by the makers on the occasion of Vinayaka Chathurthi on social media on September 10.

Choosing not to reveal much about the plot, Arul only mentioned that it is an investigative thriller, and the title refers to a historic character’s name. However, the film is set against the backdrop of modern-day Chennai.

“I had gone to meet CV Kumar to narrate a script in late 2020. Since my script was more demanding and needed to be shot outside Chennai completely, he thought it would be wiser for me to make my debut with this one that he has written.”


The director added that it is very challenging to direct a script penned by someone else because you have to recreate what another person has visualised. “Before each day of shoot, CV Kumar and I would discuss about the frames. It has been a good learning experience.”

With cinematography by Ameen, the film is completely shot in live locations in Chennai, without the use of any sets, the director noted.

Arun Raj is composing the score for the film that does not feature any songs.

Speaking about the release, Arul said, “Post-production will take place in October and after that, a decision will be made about the release. We have not ruled out an OTT release. The producers have to take the call on that, however, since it is purely a business decision.Personally, I am okay with any type of release.”

The filmmaker next plans to helm his own script.