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Ilaiyaraaja Copyright Case: Ban to Continue till October 20


Ilaiyaraaja’s copyright infringement case against music companies was heard again in the High Court yesterday. After hearing both sides, the judge decided to ban the companies from reproducing the composer’s work till October 20. The ban was originally supposed to last till October 16, but was extended again. In his civil suit against the record companies, Ilaiyaraaja had sent a petition to ‘stop manufacturing, selling, distributing or in any manner infringing his exclusive right under Copyright Act-1957, that deals with sound recording composed by him’.

The companies have claimed that the copyright for some of his material was awarded to them by the late wife of Ilaiyaraaja, but a spokesperson for the composer strongly denied this fact. “They have resorted to making baseless claims. Nobody from Ilaiyaaraja’s family has ever given away the rights to his music, ” he said.