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Ilaiyaraaja Speaks Out On Copyright Issue

Musician Ilaiyaraaja, at an event in Chennai on Tuesday, spoke out on the copyright issue he has been facing for the past few years. The music composer had recently obtained a stay order on all parties who’ve been using his work illegally. This includes the use of his music on music streaming websites such as YouTube,  iTunes and also FM stations.


The stay order also bans the use of Ilaiyaraaja’s work on public platforms. It can’t be remixed or used without his knowledge. Prior permission has to be obtained from Ilaiyaraaja before using his work.


“I did not care about my music for a long time. Maybe that’s why many people got the chance to earn money using my work. I was the one who started Echo company. Balu Mahendra was the one who named it. This was around the time when Moondram Pirai was released. The sole reason for this company’s existence was to ensure that the royalties from the sale of my music went to the producer,” he said.

“But the purpose has not been accomplished so far. I also realised that people closest to me have been benefiting from my work without my knowledge and have not been sending the royalties properly.”

The music composer said he would soon appoint a person to manage the use of his music.

In January 2015, Ilaiyaraaja had sent a legal notice to director Shankar for ‘re-mixing and re-arranging his composition’ without his permission.