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Ilaiyaraaja: “No One Seems To Know Where The Film Industry Is Heading”

Ilaiyaraaja Enga Amma Rani

Ilaiyaraaja has said that no one knows where the Tamil cinema industry is heading, and while it has been exploring great many routes and paths, he isn’t sure if all these are the right paths for the industry to follow. 


According to a story in Maalai Malar, Ilayaraja spoke in connection with upcoming film Enga Amma Rani, for which he is the music composer. The film, directed by S Bani and starring Dhansika, is billed as a family drama. In his speech, Ilaiyaraaja said that neither the filmmakers, nor the audience are able to judge where the film world is heading. He further added that while there is CGI, and other technologies available to filmmakers, no one is able to judge the results of the same, and that they are unable to tell a simple story in an evocative, emotional way. 

Expanding on this, Ilaiyaraaja said that although films are only entertainment, a good story, and a unique way of telling that story is required for a film to reach its audience. He believes Enga Amma Rani is one such film, and that is why he agreed to compose for it. He described the film’s story as the extraordinary efforts a mother takes for the welfare of her child, and believes that the story will therefore set this film apart from others. 


Talking about his music for Enga Amma Rani, he said that the song “Va Va Magale” which forms part of the film’s teaser, is sure to be liked by everyone. He further said that the background score for the film is also special, as the differences between each scene/section of the film has inspired him to keep changing the mood and theme of the background score.