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I’ll Fight Nadigar Sangam’s Decision To Suspend Me, In Court, Says Actor Sarathkumar

Following his suspension from Nadigar Sangam, actor Sarathkumar in an interview to a Tamil daily said that he hadn’t received any notice regarding his suspension. However, he added that if that is the case, he would contest the Sangam’s decision in the court.


“They have accused me of misfeasance of Nadigar Sangam funds. But they don’t have any proof to back these allegations. I’ll fight their decision to suspend me, in court,” said the former President of Nadigar Sangam. Actors Radha Ravi and Chandrasekhar have also been suspended along with him.

“There are a lot of discrepancies in their accusations. First, they claimed there was a mishandling of funds amounting to 120 crores. Later, they amended the amount to 60 crores. And now, they have settled for 1.6 crores,” said the actor. An FIR was filed against the former office bearers for the alleged mishandling of funds.

Actor Sarathkumar defended himself against these accusations saying he had always maintained a transparent demeanor in his activities and had always stuck to the legal boundaries of his office. The actor believes that their suspension was carried out to prevent them from being a part of the general committee meeting which is scheduled for the end of this month.

He also pointed out that while the ruling Nadigar Sangam has accused him of mishandling funds, they themselves are under fire for the same allegations. Only last month, Nasser (President) and Vishal were accused of swindling three crore rupees from the Nadigar Sangam fund. Varagi, a member of the Nadigar Sagam and an RTI Activist had made these allegations.


In spite of the slander and accusation, Sarathkumar expressed his desire to work peacefully with the present Nadigar Sangam. “I only want to facilitate the construction of the new Nadigar Sangam building. I want to move forward peacefully,” said the actor.

Meanwhile, actress Radhikaa Sarathkumar took to Twitter yesterday to express her anger over these ‘unjustfied suspensions’. Targeting actors Vishal and Karthi, the current office bearers, she asked them to let go of their bitterness and “grow up”.

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