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I’m Always Expected To Do Comedy Films: Allari Naresh


Actor Allari Naresh said he’s mostly seen in comedy films because ‘that’s what is expected’ of him. As he gears up for his forthcoming release, James Bond, he told Silverscreen: “I mostly do comedy films because that’s what is expected of me. My few attempts at doing films in other genres didn’t work in my favour”. Naresh also said that comedy comes to him naturally, and that he is at ease when he’s doing comedy and feels so comfortable that he need not put in extra effort to make the jokes work. Also, when he’s required to do serious scenes in his films, he tries to induce some comedy.

In James Bond, which releases on Friday, Naresh will be seen playing a software engineer. His co-star, Sakshi Chaudhary, will be playing a spy called James Bond. Naresh clarifies that the film is not a spoof on the popular British character.