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Inder Kumar’s Widow Slams Allegations Of Physical Abuse

Soon after Bollywood actor Inder Kumar’s death, his ex-wife Sonal Kariya and former actress, Isha Koppikar, spoke about him and his addictions, with the former alleging that she was physically abused by him during several instances. Following this, his widow, Pallavi Kumar, took to social media and slammed all those who claimed he was a physically abusive person. 


While the Facebook post has since been deleted, Mid-Day reports that her post was adulatory, and called him a ‘fighter’ despite having been through a lot.

“The Biggest truth of Indra Kumar life…Even god can’t deny it. People who all are talking shit about his habits and as a person. Should pls stop it. Let the man go in peace. Nobody knew him more than me. He was a fighter. A great father and a terrific husband. I have been married for 7 years. Friends with him for 17 years. Everyone has ups and downs. He was not in depression nor was he finally broke. There was no situation he could not fight. That’s why god gave him a heart attack in sleep. Isha koppikar Narang jee spoke any his habits. Sonal Kariya jee described him as a bad husband. If he was so wrong, why isha stayed with him for so long? And why did Sonal marry him. All these statements are given to look good in society. Have some heart to talk such nonsense pls. One day u will also face the same god. Shame on those who don’t even know the meaning of humanity [sic].”


A few days after the actor’s death on July 28, his first wife Sonal Kariya spoke to SpotboyE about Inder as a husband and a father. With a lack of film offers, and his drug and alcohol addiction, Sonal alleged physical abuse, adding that at one point in time, she couldn’t take it any longer. 

Former actress Isha Koppikar, who was allegedly in a relationship with him, stated that though Inder Kumar had the potential to be at the top, he lost his chance due to his bad habits. 

Incidentally, Pallavi Kumar also defended her husband in 2014, when a woman accused Inder of raping and assaulting her.