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Indian Films With ‘The Sound Of Music’ Connection


The cult-classic film The Sound Of Music turns 50 this March. Released in 1965, this musical drama directed by Robert Wise, narrated the story of the Von Trapp singing family in Austria. It was shot in picturesque locales around the Alps mountains. It won 6 Oscars, including the ones for the Best Picture and the Best Director. Till date, it remains one of the most entertaining films to have ever been made.

Many Indian films were made along the lines of The Sound Of Music – a bunch of unruly kids in a rich household and a governess/teacher who arrives to take care of them.

Here are the Indian versions of TSOM:

Minnaram (Malayalam)


This 1994 musical film in Malayalam, directed by Priyadarshan, has Shobana and Mohanlal in the lead roles. A particular subplot in the film bear close resemblance to TSOM. Nina (Shobana) offers to tutor the five nephews of Bobby (Mohanlal). The kids are  trouble-makers – much worse than their counterparts in TSOM. In Minnaram, Thilakan plays the strict head of the household – retired police IG Mathews. There is a song which has Nina and the kids singing and dancing in the green meadows of Ooty – much like how Maria and the kids do in Do Re Mi Fa song in TSOM. 

Parichay (Hindi)


Parichay, released in 1972, was directed by Gulzar. Jeetendra and Jaya Bhaduri play the lead roles in this film which has a storyline similar to that of the Hollywood musical. Ravi (Jeetendra) is appointed as the tutor for the five grandchildren of a rich man. Like in TSOM, the grandfather is strict and the kids are mischievous. They have driven away all their previous tutors. However, Ravi manages to win them over and the kids warm up to him. Jaya plays the eldest grandchild, who later falls in love with the teacher.

100% Love (Telugu)

This Telugu rom-com, which has Tamanna and Nagachaitanya in the lead roles, is similar to TSOM’s strict household.  Nagachaitanya plays a studious youngster, who is a control-freak. At home, he makes his school-going nephews dress up in uniforms and follow the rules he’s set. However, things change after the arrival of  Mahalakshmi (Tamanna), who is Balu’s cousin. She surpasses Balu in studies and lets the kids play and do things their way.

Shanthi Nilayam (Tamil)


This 1969 movie, directed by GS Mani, has Gemini Ganesan and Kanchana in the lead roles. It has a storyline, partly inspired by TSOM. Gemini Ganesan plays the head of the house, struggling to find a right caretaker for the five unruly nephews. Kanchana plays Malathi, the governess who manages to tame the kids and later becomes the love-interest of Gemini Ganesan.

Jay Jayanti (Bengali)


This 1971 Bengali film, featuring Uttam Kumar and Aparna Sen, is a complete remake of TSOM, minus the nunnery and Nazi part. Aparna Sen plays the governess who comes to Uttam Kumar’s rich household to teach his kids. She is a free spirit, much like Maria in TSOM. And Uttam Kumar is mending a broken heart after the death of his wife, like the Captain in TSOM. Sen charms the kids, thanks to her singing prowess and good nature. As she is about to fall in love with Uttam Kumar, his fiance – Mala – arrives.

Raja Chinna Roja (Tamil)

This Rajinikanth-starrer, directed by SP Muthuraman was released in 1989. Known as the first Tamil movie to use animated characters, this children’s movie has a sub-plot that closely resembles TSOM. Rajini plays Raja, an aspiring actor, who happens to be employed as a caretaker for five problem-kids in a rich family. Raja manages to tame the kids and becomes a blue-eyed boy for everyone in the family.


And here is a song that Ilaiyaraaja composed for this 1985 classic Malayalam romantic-drama, directed by Balu Mahendra:

Now, listen to this classic number from TSOM:

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