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Irrfan Khan Mistakenly Accuses Rajinikanth Of Stealing His Poster Idea

Actor Irrfan Khan has accused the makers of Kabali of stealing ideas for the film’s poster from the poster of his upcoming film Madaari. However, according to Kabali‘s PR, the poster featuring Rajinikanth is actually a fan made poster and not an official one.

Both posters feature the film’s lead actors in profile superimposed on the city skyline. Addressing the issue at a promotional event for the film, Irrfan Khan said, “We are small filmmakers. I saw that Rajinikanthji’s film stole the poster of our film. You see his film’s poster and see our film’s poster. No big deal about it. Watch his film and watch our film, too.”


However, the film’s PR said, “We came to know about this only recently. Any and all official posters are released through our various social media channels. This did not go through any of them. It is a fan made poster and we had no part in it.”

While Madaari, directed by Nishikant Kamat, is set to release on July 15, there is no word yet on the release date of Kabali.