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Jackie Chan’s Estranged Daughter Claims She Is Homeless Because Of Her ‘Homophobic Parents’

Actor Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter Etta Ng recently claimed that she is homeless because of her ”homophobic parents”.

Ng, who is in a relationship with her girlfriend Andi Autumn, posted a video on YouTube stated that the 18-year-old and her girlfriend are living on the streets of Hong Kong and are forced to sleep under a bridge. She claimed her ”homophobic parents” are responsible for her current situation.

“We’ve been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We pretty much slept under a bridge, and other things. We’ve gone to the police, we’ve gone to the hospitals, the food banks, the LGBTQ community shelters and all of them just don’t give a s***,” Ng said in the posted video.

Etta Ng is Jackie Chan’s daughter with former beauty queen Elaine Ng, with whom the actor had an affair while married to his current wife Joan Lin.

According to The Times of India, Elaine denounced every claim her daughter made. “I feel that if they have no money, they should go find work. They shouldn’t film a clip telling others they are broke and who Etta’s father is. People all over the world work hard and don’t rely on someone else’s fame to get money,” she was quoted as saying.

Ng came out as a lesbian in October last year. In March last year, she called the police over a domestic dispute, and her mother was arrested on suspicion of criminal intimidation. Her girlfriend Andi Autumn reportedly designs and sells clothes online and is known for her Barbie doll-like get-ups.