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Jacqueline Fernandez Will Never Promote Fairness Cream Brands

Jacqueline Fernandez has said that she will never support fairness cream brands.

“I am definitely someone who speaks up against discrimination. I would be very careful of products that influence society in such a way. I am against anything discriminatory. Ads such as these sends a wrong message to kids. It’s a bad reflection of society.”


Fernandez also had a word of advice for fellow artists who endorse products they never use. “As a brand endorser, one has to be aware of the responsibility that comes with endorsing their products. As the face of the brand, one has to be using the product themselves. Investing in the brand means you believe in it. However, falsely advertising to impressionable fans is wrong. One has to use their own product before selling it to the public.”

Earlier this year, actor Abhay Deol kickstarted a debate on social media about the many evils promoted by fairness cream brands. While some actors, like Uday Chopra felt that fairness creams are a personal choice, others like Rajkummar Rao opened up about how their skin colour had mattered more than acting talent, on occasion.