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Jared Leto To Star In ‘Joker’ Standalone Film

Jared Leto is expected to star in and produce a standalone film based on the Joker. Leto memorably played the villain in DC’s 2016 film Suicide Squad. 

Warner Bros has announced that it will bankroll the film. While the plot details remain under wraps at present, the studio plans to expand on the Suicide Squad idea, paving the way for future spinoffs. Birds of Prey featuring Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad is already underway.


Warner Bros had earlier announced that it was developing a Joker origin tale from Hangover director Todd Phillips. However, it did stress on the fact that this did not by any means, mean the end for Leto’s Joker. The second series would fall under a separate banner, which would allow multiple actors to step in and offer their own takes on DC properties.

However, it still remains unclear when the film will begin shooting, as Leto and the studio will now search for a writer.