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Jeethu Joseph Picked Kamal Haasan Over Rajinikanth For Papanasam

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Director Jeethu Joseph, currently basking in the success of Papanasam, had thought of casting Rajinikanth in the film, but concern over the reception of certain scenes led him to cast Kamal Haasan instead. “We were hesitant because the scene where the police officer kicks the hero with his shoe wouldn’t be palatable for die-hard Rajinikanth fans,” Jeethu explained.

Although Rajinikanth had been impressed with the Malayalam version of Drishyam. he too agreed with Jeethu’s assessment and didn’t vocalize his interest.

Papanasam features Kamal Haasan, Gouthami, Niveda Thomas, Esther Anil and Asha Sarat. The film has received extremely positive reviews and is doing well at the box office. Composer Ghibran’s BGM has also been widely appreciated.