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Jeeva Wants To Do A Rustic Film With Jayamohan

In a recent interview, Jeeva has said that he wants to do a rustic film. The actor, whose Sangili Bungili Kathava Thorae is up for release later this week, told Maalaimalar:

“I met Jayamohan and interacted with him recently. After this, I have developed a desire to work with him on a village-centric film. He is a very talented writer and I admire him very much. And  so a film with him would prove to be good bet too!”


The actor also stressed on the need for good scriptwriters in the industry. “The writers are the backbone of the film industry. As actors, our job is only to select good scripts and act in them. But, writers have a far more important and thus, difficult job. They have to write a story suitable for the times we live in and also make sure that there is something new and unique in it.”

Jiiva said that this is why writers should be paid on par with directors.